Customers enjoy the loyalty program rewards and share the app with others. Businesses benefit by customer referrals. According to a study conducted by Granbury Restaurant Solutions, 82 percent of loyalty program members referred at least one person, and 42 percent referred four or more.


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We’re committed to providing small businesses with a mobile app solution to punch card loyalty programs that is both simple to use and extremely cost effective which helps them run and grow their business more efficiently.

For most small businesses, a loyalty program increases sales by as much as 70%, and our program makes running it a breeze.

Other Business' Customers learn about your business

Businesses with a Loyalty Program are up to
88% more profitable than one without.



Merchants have the option of signing up under one of three different options:

Basic - Includes our basic Loyalty Program listed under your chosen tab.

Standard - Includes Basic options plus listing under the "Locations" tab for more visibility.

Premium - Includes Standard plus one "Offer", one "Location", and one "Tab" sent via push notification each month.

Customers Share the App and the Loyalty Program


This easily manageable program allows you to present customers a simple but unique QR code that they will scan with their smartphone. You determine what your promotional loyalty program consists of and how many scans the customer will need to redeem the reward. When the customer has had enough scans to redeem their coupon, they simply show it to the cashier and redeem their reward. It's about as hands off as possible for the business.

Small Business


Since other local businesses use the same app for their loyalty program, their customers find out about your business through push notifications, coupons, and visibility of your loyalty program in the app they already have on their phone.